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So what is the COVID-19 Events & Brand Experience Hub?

The COVID-19 Events & Brand Experience Hub is a selection of resources and insights our team has curated to help your brand navigate your way through events and brand experiences. 

Within the Hub you'll find the following... 

Frequently Asked Questions

The New Experience Report 

COVID-19 Podcast Learning Series

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Frequently Asked Questions

We're pleased to say Australia is back open and we're planning events and live experiences again!  Although restrictions still apply they are changing everyday.

Please call us on +61 291130670 to discuss these variables or check in on your respective State links below











From our observations mostly! People are craving to get back out away from their computers and video meetings and have human contact again. There is certainly some reluctance in the corporate sector but most larger organisations are easing their way back into the office, we expect this to flow on more and more into corporate gatherings.

There are already opportunities for brands to communicate with their audiences face-to-face. However, previous behaviours may no longer be applicable so it’s important to find out what’s changed and review your engagement strategy before engaging with your audience. 

We are lucky to live in a society where technological advances are enabling us to stay connected whilst not physically being connected. Social media and technology have become an important source of our daily lives that provides context as all communities are forced to move online. 

So what are the ways in which we can ensure attendees feel connected whilst physically distancing? As stated above, the obvious is connection through technology, examples of this include:

  • Create more personalised one on one interactions at your events
  • Deliver a hybrid experience consisting of a physical and digital component - e.g. virtual events via live stream or group chats and forums, providing a hybrid solution so those uncomfortable attending a face-to-face event still have the opportunity to engage 
  • Digital games to remove personal contact but still keep attendees engaged
  • Social media and other online forums for attendees to share their experience
  • Create a playlist to stream, inviting guests to simultaneously listen to the same music on their devices during your event
  • Share ecomaps to attendees to provide information - e.g. who can help you? Where can I source this information? Etc.

Contact us on + 61 2 9113 0677

Consider your objectives and whether or not a face-to-face event is suitable right now. 

The same rules apply to your content and key messaging for events as they always have, now, there is simply more precaution. You can find out more about persevering event strategies that continue to stay ahead of the curb in The New Experience 2020 Report

This is a guide our team has curated with expert opinions, analytic insights, and our own professional experiences. Download a copy and see for yourself. 

Safety has always been a top priority at Sense. Our projects are assessed individually with advice from our go-to safety manager, Momo Vassilev as well as other expert stakeholders when required. 

There will be a lot more to consider during the planning and delivery of future events to adhere to the new COVID-19 safety protocols and health & safety regulations.

Checking these boxes will be important to ensure everyone's safety, but it doesn’t stop there. The design of the space can also contribute to creating an environment where the audience feels safe, can immerse themselves in the experience, and engage with the content.

Sense is committed to taking all necessary precautions as recommended by relevant state and federal authorities to protect businesses and people coming together.

The organiser must have and comply with a COVID-19 Safety Plan, and electronic entry recording is compulsory.

Our advice is to talk to us first and to get us involved in the planning phase. We are closely monitoring brands and market activity in Australia and around the world. We’re working on new formats, processes and designs to help our clients navigate through this and return to business sooner. Get in touch with us to arrange a workshop to discuss alternative ways to engage your audience and achieve your key objectives.


The New Experience Report

What's inside?

  • Key societal shifts and trends taking place around the globe
  • A new experience framework for delivering successful brand experiences
  • ‘Best in Class’ examples of experience design
  • The necessary experience tactics to succeed

Download your copy

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COVID-19 Podcast Learning Series

Sense’s 'Behind The Experience' podcast, hosted by co-founder and director Mark Bennedick, puts the spotlight on our industry's best talent and interviews forward-thinking leaders of innovative, purpose-driven brands making an impact with brand experiences. 

In our COVID-19 learning series, we’ve curated some of the best business minds from companies like Adobe and Atlassian to understand how they’re handling business, as well as globally renowned experts in behavioural science, innovation and creativity. See our recent episodes below. 


Sense Blog Articles

We're all learning and understanding what The New Experience is together. Through the Sense blog we will be sharing regular findings and insights to help your brand navigate the changes with events and brand experiences. See a few of our recent blogs below.