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Shopping is changing.

At Sense, we help retailers re-invent shopping experiences, based on customer needs and behaviours. Our solutions are omni-channel, connected and make the best use of available technology to build seamless customer journeys between digital and physical channels, and new in-store connected experiences.

We specialise in:

// people. We design experiences that engage, train and transform your staff from sales assistants to ambassadors.

// space. Our fixtures, installations and displays are designed to connect customers with products, and drive awareness and product trials.

// promotion. We exploit space and mobility to drive promotional campaigns and support product launches, in-store experiences, service design and more.

// connectivity. The connection between the physical and the digital should be seamless. We use data analytics to create a frictionless, personalised journey.

Return on Experience

Learn the secrets of our success on how to plan and execute a brand experience so that you get a higher return on your investment

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