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What we’ve seen in the past year is that technology is rapidly changing the way we learn, engage and consume however at the forefront of it all we still look for human connection. In 2020 the Australian brand experience landscape is offering up innovative opportunities for brands to connect with their audience. What will you be tapping into? 

The transition for the new regulations around lock out laws will open opportunities for more temporary works ie. pop ups, converting different spaces when they’re not in use. At the end of November it was confirmed that Sydney's lockout laws are to be scrapped everywhere except Kings Cross from January 14 2020. Sense is incredibly excited to see the opportunities the lift of lock out laws will bring, to revitalise Sydney and transform it into the global city we know it has the potential to be. 

If the NSW Government follows the recommendations presented in the report made earlier this year, the inner city area has the potential to become a playground for brands and businesses. Sydney will continue to evolve into a city where traditional retail is no longer expected. Pop ups will be anticipated. Nightlife will be an attraction and an opportunity to activate business, communities and tourism. 

The Australian tourism industry is growing by at least half a million visitors every year. In 2018, those visiting New South Wales alone made up 37% of all dollars spent in Australia for the year. It would be naive to not acknowledge the value of tourism in Australia, but stupid not to prepare for the projected increase in tourists of 15 million by 2026-2027. 

Even in the first half of 2020, there are long-standing opportunities that are built into tourism and nightlife industries for your brand to engage with. 


Sydney Festival 

Sydney Festival is the city’s flagship festival that transforms Sydney with a “bold cultural celebration based on critical ideas and cutting-edge art and performance.” In 2019 the celebration saw a total attendance of 472,031 across 19 days. Although the program has already been planned for 2020 the duration of the celebration provides plenty of time and opportunity to activate your brand throughout the city. 


Mardi Gras 

Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras (SGLMG) is one of the oldest continuously operating LGBTQI organisations in Australia. Every year thousands gather for the celebrations. In 2017 the parade saw 187 floats, 12,000+ participants and 300,000

Spectators! Brands, organisations and alliances lead the floats however there are so many opportunities to activate your brand in meaningful ways throughout the entire festival.


Vivid Sydney 

Vivid Sydney attracts international crowds every year. The festival is divided into three concepts; light, music and ideas. Within these categories, different brands, artists, musicians, and innovators showcase their talent by curating something within their field. Whether directly or indirectly, there are plenty of ways to get involved with Vivid.  

The NSW government do provide substantial funding for those looking to activate Sydney’s nightlife. In 2019 they offered up to $500,000 for “one-off unique ideas that encourage a vibrant night-time-economy in the seven key precincts of Darlinghurst, Haymarket and George Street, Opera House to Walsh Bay, Pyrmont, Newtown, Liverpool and Parramatta.”

Extending well beyond this city, there are plenty of ways to tap into the iconic Australian events like the Australian Open, F1, or Splendour In The Grass 20th Anniversary. 


If you’d like to look at a bespoke opportunity suited to meeting your business objectives, reach out and speak with one of our team members.