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We're excited to see light at the end of the tunnel for our city's nightlife with movement from the Government to lift the lockout laws. New South Wales premier Gladys Berejiklian has responded to a recent Government report suggesting the lift of lockout laws on Sydney’s CBD stating she will try to “find the right balance”. Sense fully supports the Governments initiatives to bring back the Sydney nightlife to support our local economy, creative brands, venues, music and events. 

According to The Sydney Morning Herald, Sydney's underdeveloped night-time economy means the city misses out on $16 billion. The pressure is on for the Government to take action and It's likely that legislation to repeal the laws will go before Parliament in November. Not only will this hopefully assist in the regeneration of Sydney’s nighttime economy but it will also create opportunities for brands to connect with their audiences. 

This is an exciting time for our city as the younger generation who've not yet experienced the potential of what our nightlife can be will witness the transition. The recommendations that have been made will open doors for Sydney's centre and brands that value the opportunities this new nightlife will present. It's not only music and licensed venues that will benefit from the lift, but with the Governments goal to provide more entertainment and non-alcoholic activities, we see space for brands of all nature being able to take advantage. 

Along with recommendations to lift the 1:30 am lockout and 3 am alcohol service cutoff, the report has suggested the increased use of venues outside of traditional nightclubs and music venues be put to use.  

The report suggested, “that the NSW Government investigate ways to support venues to provide entertainment. This should include making it easier for existing venues to do so, by encouraging new small and medium-size music and entertainment venues, and the use of empty or under-utilised government spaces as temporary or opt-up arts and entertainment venues.”

Further Government support is required to encourage permanent venues, that are economically viable in addition to the use of under-utilised or empty Government spaces. There must be a focus on the commercial aspect of the policy to encourage profitable private enterprise/entrepreneurial small business. After the laws being placed in 2014 it's good to see action being taken to turn Sydney into the creative, thriving global city it has the potential to be. 

Another recommendation was the NSW Government should consider developing regulations to support the night time use of spaces occupied by businesses during the day, with a particular focus on supporting the night time use of the space by creative businesses.

For brands, this means there will be flexible opportunities involving the increase of pop-up and short term activations throughout Sydney’s centre. The NSW Government has recognised that the landscape of our nightlife needs redesigning and this opens doors for brands to get involved.