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YouTube needed to show the advertising world its potential, so we created a series of experiences and experiential spaces that did just that. The result? More engagement, more leads and a #1 trending topic.

01 The business challenge

Brandcast is YouTube’s annual B2B showcase. It’s when we tell the marketing industry about the value of the platform, and why nearly 15 million Australians love it so much.

The challenge? Make Brandcast bigger and better than ever, generate more new business leads, and increase business from existing clients.

Expectations around Brandcast are high, but so is the opportunity. This was our chance to bring a digital brand to life in the physical realm, design an experience guests won’t forget and to amplify the experience through content and social media.

02 The creative solution

We created a series of experiences that engaged audiences on two levels: rationally, with a focus on business opportunities, and emotionally. These experiences immersed guests in the brand and its endless potential.

Our experiential spaces, keynotes and shows featured local YouTubers as well as global talent and industry executives. New products were woven into the experiences through demos and experiential space to reinforce the message delivered on stage: that YouTube is where brands need to be.

03 The results

In just one day, Brandcast delivered:

  • A 20% YOY increase in attendance, with more than 2,000 guests

  • An increase in positive sentiment totalling more than 20%

  • Coverage in B&T Magazine, Mumbrella, Campaign Magazine, AdNews, The Australian, AdNews, AFR and more

  • A 50% increase in likes and retweets

And for the next few days, #Brandcast was the top trending topic around Australia.

That’s the power of curated, carefully crafted experiences.


Image Credit: Sam Venn