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How to engage employees in one of the world's most innovative and fast-growing companies?

01 The business challenge

Uber has grown enormously as a company in the five years its been in the local market.

But while Uber has paid very special attention to its workplace culture and the wellbeing of both its employees and drivers, it needed to engage its staff and celebrate its achievements in a more active way.

The company needed to align its (mostly new) employee base with Uber’s values and customer-centric vision. But it also needed to reconnect its employees with the platform, and immerse them in the life of an Uber driver.

02 The creative solution

We knew that to engage the staff at Uber, we had to connect them to the story.  What the company actually does - and how far it’s come in five years. So we decided to take advantage of the company’s 5 year milestone and create an immersive experience that delivered the company’s message in a soft yet engaging way.

That led us to develop a 3-day programme of events designed to build a stronger sense of belonging, achievement and vision among the team at Uber.

The programme included:

  • A half-day business conference with awards, celebrating the company’s vision for the future and reinforcing its business messaging;

  • A celebration at ATP, which included a long table for 350 people followed by a party with roving entertainment; and

  • An ‘Amazing Race’ style team-building event at Cockatoo Island. Each challenge reflected what Uber does as a business; there were delivery challenges, ‘pimp my ride’ car building activities and more designed to tell the Uber story.

The programme balanced the company’s business messaging with celebration, and engaged staff in a tactile, immersive and memorable way.

03 The results

By the end of the programme, a strong sense of community had developed among Uber’s employee base. Staff had a better understanding of the life of an Uber driver, knew their company’s values, and were recognised for their unique talents (that would otherwise have gone unnoticed).

It was an inspiring three days filled with memorable experiences that ultimately resulted in a more motivated, engaged team.