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Build the base of an omni-channel retail ecosystem and reignite retail sales. We delivered set of comprehensive recommendations for modernising the business and improving sales.

01 The business challenge

Giant’s Sydney flagship store experienced an explosive three years in market before its sales plateaued.

Firm in the belief that there was room for the retailer to grow, we set about finding out what caused the plateau and how to fix it.

02 The creative solution

To reignite Giant’s sales, we had to build the base of an omni-channel retail ecosystem.

We started with a full audit of the business’s existing systems spanning operations, revenue streams, sales, and marketing. We looked at the tech stack and customer journey, and developed a set of assumptions and hypotheses about what caused the plateau in sales.

At the end of this process, we delivered a set of 35 comprehensive recommendations for modernising the business and improving sales. These recommendations fell into three categories:

  • Better use and analysis of data

  • Building an integrated, omni-channel sales and marketing ecosystem

  • Experience design

03 The results

We engaged Sense to get a clearer understanding of our customers experience in store and to better understand their path to purchase and we may improve on this process.

I was impressed at how well prepared the Sense team were when they initially came to consult, their product knowledge in relation to our industry as well as retail experience was amazing. They truly understood the demographic of our customer and were able to articulate this in a manner that gave me clarity as to how better access and communicate with them in easy, non complicated steps to both measure and enhance customer satisfaction and methods to increase sales.

My biggest surprise was how easy this all was and not as onerous or complicated as i thought it may have been going into this.