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Sense + SciFutures Partnership

Sense Group is excited to announce its Asia Pacific partnership with SciFutures, a leading foresight and innovation agency.  The association offers forward-thinking Australian (APAC) brands a unique and transformative way to experience their own future and take advantage of the powerful emerging opportunities that will occur over the next 10 years.   


Sense Group clients may now harness the imaginations of science fiction writers and the knowledge of industry experts to help them identify potential obstacles and develop opportunities for their future business.



The partnership will allow Sense to gain access to SciFutures’ global industry trends and unique imagination, along with its expertise in emerging technologies. These will benefit Sense’s existing and prospective clients and enable them to achieve accelerated innovation.

Both partners will collaborate at a high level on global business development as well as response to briefs from new and existing clients.

A variety of techniques are used to bring the future to life. Solutions include physical spaces that utilise state-of-the-art technology, such as VR, AR, Internet of Things, facial recognition and machine learning, emotion AI as well as more traditional storytelling mediums like books, film and live action video.  

The partnership expands on Sense Group’s expertise of the Australian (APAC) market, gaining access to SciFutures’ global industry trends and award-winning imagination process. This enables clients to prepare for potential future obstacles and opportunities in their business.

These concepts are then brought to life in physical and digital worlds, enhanced by the latest technologies. Brands may vision their future, immersing themselves within these experiences.  By doing so they are able to prepare for potential obstacles and identify opportunities to remain relevant in world faced with constant disruption.

Brands may also communicate their future to customers and stakeholders by allowing them to participate in these immersive built environments.


Benefits for our clients

  • Unlock the future of your business: make disruptive and visionary futures tangible and reachable.


  • Access expertise, insights and award-winning imagination:  access a unique perspective on global industry insights that allow the future to be brought to life.


  • Experience design: bring to life immersive built environments that create epiphanies.


  • Excite and energize audiences: communicate your future to customers and stakeholders.


  • Technological Integration: utilize the latest technologies to seamlessly blend the physical and digital worlds.



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