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we transported uber employees on private ferries to a secret location, taking over cockatoo island in the middle of sydney harbour to host a unique team building day. iced coffee and breakfast rolls were waiting as they were welcomed by bicycle riding delivery men and women- an ode to uber eats. 

after people were split up into teams, each named after a city that uber operates in, they were assigned to one of the 5 activities. we teamed up with doughnut time to have a doughnut design competition, had the teams race to build bicycles that were donated to charity and judged a sumo suit relay race. we also had an art station where teams created artworks that were added to a large canvas to make one 'big picture'. the crowd favourite was a instructor led dance session that was performed altogether at the end of the day. 

everyone loves a party, so we designed an awesome future and light themed, black tie event with entertainment, live music and an 80m long table for 400 guests.

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