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Turn retail staff into brand ambassadors and create lasting partnerships with major telco carriers, distributors and influencers.

01 The business challenge

Google’s hardware family has been growing fast. It’s newest additions to the lineup: Pixel 3 and the Google Home Hub.

Our task was to launch these new products in partnership with three major carriers, and to creating lasting partnerships with new influencers. We also had to position Google’s hardware suite as a lifestyle choice, strengthen Google’s relationship with its distributors, and turn retail staff into advocators and ambassadors for the Google brand.

02 The creative solution

We turned our backs on the traditional product roadshow and designed an experience with three objectives: educate, entertain, and convert.

Combining play with education, we created a premium and personalised experience that emphasised self-discovery. Immersive, multi-sensory experiences and installations put products in their context, and created space for interaction and entertainment.

Everything was emotionally charged, high energy and engaging.

03 The results

“Just a quick note to say: thank you - what a great event! The anticipation beforehand was there (proven by the 100 people lining up beforehand), but I do not think anyone knew what was coming for them, and I’m sure the complete experience blew people’s minds.

I have been surprised by the interest and questions the product experiences raised which enabled us to have great conversations with the audience….It has been truly amazing with all aspects from food trucks to drinks to experiences to the confetti cannon.”

Google Australia


Image Credit: Sam Venn