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google / g station retail experience

educate, entertain, convert.

g station retail experience 

the new pixel phone, google home and the daydream vr headset are just some of google’s new releases. our mission was to set up an experience where retail sales associates can be trained on the new products and features and be entertained while they do so. we had to show superiority and how easy the products are to use 

we needed to convert people from retail associates into google brand ambassadors 

G Station 365
G Station 285

here is how we did it

scrap the boring roadshow demo. we wanted to capture hearts and minds and give the people an experience to remember, with a focus on premium design and personalised user experience. we created a multisensory event in melbourne and in sydney that told an immersive brand story through interactive engagement and storytelling.

the space

installations that demonstrated product stories were designed to welcome people into the world of google. we built a 3d freestanding ‘lens wall’ for people to test out the impressive camera on the pixel. we also designed and built a ‘mood booth’, a structure that guests entered and experienced how the google home can ‘create a mood’ by changing the environment. guests could say “ok google, set the mood to party” - the lights would change, dance music started to play and a bubble machine turned on. we created a unique display cart that featured different products and testing stations 

we secured brand advocacy and achieved both shareable content and a deeper understanding of google products

Google G Station 0027
Google G Station 0027 Google G Station 0027
Google G Station 0027 Google G Station 0027
Google G Station 0027 Google G Station 0027
G Station 204
G Station 204 G Station 204


client liaison, furnace and the fundamentals, alice q were just some of the big names that provided tunes that had the people in full dance mode. they all integrated the google home into their show (demonstrating product functionality in an immersive environment- tick)

the parties in both sydney and melbourne were awesome and the result was genuine engagement between the brand and the audience

mission accomplished. 

G Station Melbourne21306
Google G Station 0170
Google G Station 0191
Google G Station 0231
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