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How Sense created a concept that accelerated the launch of Amazon Prime’s 2nd Season of The Grand Tour.

01 The business challenge

Year on year there are more streaming platforms and more shows to watch. According to research, more than half of Australian households pay for a video-on-demand service, forty-three per cent of which having more than one subscription.

Sense was tasked with the challenge to create a concept that would cut through the noise, optimise awareness and engage fans with the launch of The Grand Tour Season 2.

02 The creative solution

The creative solution was a premiere screening where guests can interact with different elements of The Grand Tour brand. On entrance, guests were greeted by brand ambassadors dressed in branded jumpsuits, luxury sports cars, and themed installations. 

It was immersive, exciting, and engaging. In the first room was a photo wall where guests could hold a trophy in front of a green screen that would become a landscape for an ultimate drive in a sports car. Room two presented a refuel station themed bar surrounded by branded “petroleum barrels” and another photo opportunity on a replica of The Grand Tour’s set. Everything was optimised for social sharing.

03 The results

Over 200 guests attended the premiere screening of Amazon Prime’s The Grand Tour. The show has proven to be one of Amazon’s most successful productions bringing significantly high numbers of subscribers to the platform. The Grand Tour is due to air season four in early 2020.