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we love what we do 

in recognising that the company’s greatest asset to creating memorable experiences is our people, we have built a culture where teamwork, integrity and creativity are valued most

anthony halprin

anthony halprin / partner

"i’m fascinated by human behaviour and how people respond to various stimuli. it’s very satisfying to see the team’s ideas and hard work come to life and directly see the positive effect we have on audiences" e: 

mark bennedick

mark bennedick / partner

"i am at my best in high pressure creative environments or when leading the team to experiment and push the boundaries. as one of the founders, I enjoy mentoring the production team and oversee the creative output of the agency"

trish mcnamara

trish mcnamara / executive producer

"I’m passionate about creating and producing immersive experiences that resonate and embrace people.  I love coming to work each day as I get to collaborate with creative, smart, passionate people"

jennifer cheslock

jennifer cheslock / head of operations

"working in events has taken me around the world. i enjoy the variety, the challenges and the travel"

chantel covey-lane

chantel covey-lane / creative director

"i want to tell stories. to communicate something authentic and move beyond convention. to find a connection with an audience that is overall more brave, more heartfelt and more enlightening"

nicolas tessier

nicolas tessier / innovation and design lead

"i am passionate about the design of experiences that people want to engage with and ultimately talk about. this can only be achieved when obsessed by people and led by creativity"

kym chisholm

kym chisholm / senior producer

"i love that my job allows me to work closely with people to bring ideas to life. i always have fun with the team and also know that we all have each other to rely on"

carie baxter

carie baxter / senior producer

"it's about connecting with people. when you connect with a client and their vision, you can create extraordinary experiences.  every project is a shared journey that unfolds as an opportunity to evolve"

dan hickman

dan hickman / senior producer

"I love watching a creative concept come to life, from a rough sketch on paper, to 3D renders, to managing it through to a tangible masterpiece! that sense of achievement I get when watching a client or consumer enjoy something you have developed makes it all worth while!

laura carroll

laura carroll / senior producer

“i’ve come across almost every situation possible in events and after 10 years, the excitement of that single moment keeps me coming back”

laura grant

laura grant / producer

"we're constantly transforming spaces into thought provoking environments to best showcase products, concepts and new technologies. I love sharing the feeling of excitement with our clients when we see our hard work come to life"

melissa parnell

melissa parnell / producer

"i love working in an immersive and ever changing ecosystem, learning and growing from each experience with different people from varied industries. every day is a new adventure and you can certainly never get bored"

sierra anderson

sierra anderson / producer

"driving the production process, you get to shape every small detail that is part of the experiences we create. nothing beats the rush of watching all the elements come alive right in front of you"

rhianna everett

rhianna everett / producer

"I love that my job allows me to work closely with people to bring ideas to life that people enjoy"

taylor saul

taylor saul / production assistant

"I love the evolution of a single idea and the creative process as masterminds bring it to life and audiences are wowed  "

zanthe heaton

zanthe heaton / production assistant

"I love being able to evoke emotions from guests. not only can you produce a tangibly beautiful event by creatively transforming a space but you can create an experience that leaves lasting memories.

cassandra aaron

cassandra aaron / marketing, production assistant

"i’m inspired by art and thinking of ways to influence how people experience and perceive brands"