Get In Touch

You may have seen a range of industries coming together to assist those in need during the time of COVID-19. It isn't the first time we've seen those in the event industry step up to the plate either.

During the Australian bushfire crisis we saw at large the impact the events and live entertainment industry can have to make a positive impact. From boozy brunches to major music concert fundraisers, the event efforts were widespread. 

While COVID-19 has made the idea of public gatherings impossible, those in the industry are still working hard to innovate and help. Here are just a few that have thrown their hat into the ring. 

Many with resources to create spaces and provide supplies and lighting have partnered with hospitals and medical works to provide additional facilities. This can especially be seen in America, where resources have been particularly scarce. 

Choura Events, a Californian events company, would usually be wrapping up on their SXSW productions and moving into building stages and setting up for Coachella. Now their team has been put to work building temporary facilities to treat COVID-19 patients. At the end of March they had already built four medical villages in Los Angeles. 

Harry The Hirer is a great example of this in our own backyard. They are working to provide pop-up hospitals, triage facilities & emergency ambulance bays.

We’ve also seen Hotels and Venues morph into accommodation for those entering quarantine on their return to Australia and even provide hospitals additional space. 

More recently, Sofitel Sydney Wentworth even put on a concert for it’s 400 isolation guests.  Sydney RNB cover band Soul Nights, singer-songwriter Johnny Diesel and DJ Troy T from Sound Agents performed at the hotel so those could look on from the balcony. Sofitel Sydney Wentworth general manager Sam Panetta told Spice, “Seeing our guests singing and dancing to the music from their balconies was a sight to behold”. 

It doesn’t stop there. The support goes beyond physical resources. In the US and UK landmarks lit up to salute the national healthcare workers for their work fighting the virus. On April 9, Madison Square Gardens, the world’s most famous arena, lit up with blue lights thanking all frontline workers. 

Even Egypt’s Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities lit up the front of the Great Pyramid of Giza with “stay home, stay safe, thank you to those keeping us safe”.

While this may be a time for us to stay home and isolate, it has never been more important for us to come together in the fight against COVID-19. Thank you to all that are doing their part.