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As we plunge into a new year of experience design, we've curated the latest and greatest in experiential and innovative design. From top-tier hybrid experiences and campaigns, to the forefront of web 3 tech; we're here to spill the tea on the coolest things we’ve seen lately. Join us in our collective awe at some of the best sustainable and human-centered design creations, mind-blowing immersive experiences, artists, cultural hotspots and everything else that has left us absolutely drenched in inspiration. – here's our top 5. 🚀


1. The MSG Sphere – LED Screen

Immersive Technology

An instantly iconic addition to Las Vegas’ skyline, Sphere is not only the world’s largest spherical structure but also a technological marvel whose innovations could offer a glimpse of entertainment’s future. The venue near The Venetian made its long-anticipated debut on Sept. 29, when rock band U2 took over the new MSG Sphere in Las Vegas with a fully immersive concert experience utilising every part of Sphere’s 160,000-square-foot screen—billed as the world’s largest and highest-resolution. As the band played, the venue’s top-of-the-line technology shifted through bespoke art from artists like Es Devlin, John Gerrard, Marco Brambilla, and Industrial Light & Magic. The Sphere also features an exterior screen made from 1.2 million LED pucks, each containing 48 individual LED diodes—with each diode capable of displaying 256 million different colours.


2. TV 2 Denmark – The Copenhagen Bench


To make the consequences of climate change tangible to everyone, TV 2 Denmark turned to a Danish design icon – the Copenhagen bench. TV 2 Denmark made a simple change to the design and elevated the bench by 85 centimetres to match the UN Climate Report’ estimate for the rise in sea levels by the year 2100. In collaboration with the original producer, TV 2 Denmark created 15 elevated benches from upcycled metal and recycled wood and placed them at central locations in Denmark’s largest cities, immediately grabbing any passer-bys attention. The benches are now permanent fixtures around Denmark.  

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3. Jacquemus – Interactive Scenography


Jacquemus created intermingling spatial design and interactive scenography for the occasion of its new collection, Le Bleu. The team made a multisensory experience that unfolded in and around London’s Selfridges, featuring a series of playful indoor and outdoor spatial interventions. Each one was accented by a commissioned scent scape that infused the store with nostalgia for the hot summers of the South of France. The result was a memorable escapade for visitors, providing a holiday retreat from the ordinary.

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4. The Art of Self Examination  


Drawing inspiration from an article in The Lancet and Dr. Liliana Sosa's research, 'The Art of Self Examination' curated an extraordinary exhibition featuring tactile works. Attendees had the unique opportunity to explore paintings by renowned artists such as Rembrandt, Rubens, and Rafael, but with a twist – they were encouraged to touch the artworks to feel for visible signs of probable breast cancer (imagine being encouraged to touch an artwork!). This innovative fusion of art with educational medical insights delivered a distinctive and impactful experience. Its success has sparked numerous requests for the exhibition to tour Italy, reflecting its emotional resonance and success in promoting health awareness through art.

The Art of Self Examination


5. Canne Lions – Metaverse


This year, in addition to hosting an on-site yacht, PwC extended its Cannes Lions presence into the virtual world to include those who couldn’t make it to France. Working with metaverse company Virbela, the brand created a custom virtual environment where users could explore the French Riviera via their web browsers.Virtual guests could listen to PwC industry discussions and panels, hop aboard the PwC yacht, watch daily event summary streams, walk the red carpet, take beach selfies, and connect with their peers, in a seamlessly blended physical and virtual experience.

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