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Everyday there is something new and evolved emerging from the impact of COVID-19. The world of events has been completely disrupted and out of circumstance we have seen bold acts and initiatives of community. Here are three things Isolation has taught us about connecting with our audiences. 


Live streaming has become the tool of choice.

Havas Media conducted a report that observed the changes in consumer behaviour from COVID-19. Their findings show that there has been a significant increase in live streaming across traditional and social media. 

Different industries across the globe have utilised live streaming to connect with their audiences. 

One of the first brands to do this was Salesforce at the beginning of the pandemic. Salesforce decided to make their World Tour virtual. In early February, the tech company enabled the conference by transitioning to a completely digital experience, resulting in over 80,000 people tuning in to their content. 

In the music industry, thousands of musicians have had to cancel their gigs. In an effort to turn things around, initiatives like Isolaid Festival, Live from Home by Live Nation, and Bridget Hustwaite’s (Triple J) Saturday Nights In have emerged across various streaming channels.  

Whether your brand is utilising this technology to pivot now or you’re using foresight to plan how your brand will come out stronger at the end of the tunnel, live streaming should be seen as a highly valuable tool for engaging wider audiences. 


Think local, act global.

People are longing for community. It can be seen in the Hinge’s #ShotChallenge, the vast increase in use of videoconferencing apps, and Italian balcony concerts

Sense Producer, Melissa Parnell, was even sent a video from Spain of her sister being serenaded from a balcony across from their apartment. Our need for human connection is ongoing and innate. No matter the restrictions of lockdowns, people are searching for ways to connect. 

International dating app Hinge was found on the premise that it is “designed to be deleted”. It’s a brand that believes in creating real, lasting connections. Last month Hinge posted on social media that for every post created using the hashtag #ShotChallenge with a direct link to Restaurant Workers Community Foundation COVID-19 relief, they would donate $1.The small act for good saw personalities like Justin Baldoni and Gordon Ramsay take to Instagram for a shot and spread the message throughout their networks. 

Online parties and virtual pub trivia are the new norm for Saturday nights. Quiz Meisters, nationally renowned trivia have even gone digital with thousands tuning into their live gaming platform last weekend and The Urban List is looking to do the same. 

And of course the outrageous, hilarious Zoom call moments that have been spreading across the internet. Our team has started to play “Psych!” in our weekly virtual knock-off drinks! 

These examples show us that brands are currently succeeding by creating intimate environments to host connection with a global capacity. 


This is an opportunity for something new.

2020 has been a year of uncertainty however brands may be producing their best work yet. Disruption tends to bring out the best and worst in brands, including the demise of those without resources for innovation. 

In the examples stated above alone, we see incredible work of brands and industries working together to adapt. 

Across the events industries and relevant suppliers we’ve already seen the emergence and increased promotion of new technologies and services including virtual home studio sets, and virtual reality software for company use internally and externally.

But the opportunity to create something new doesn’t just apply to technology. Staging companies are using their equipment to build facilities for distribution (groceries) centres. Even automotive brands are stepping up to create masks and ventilators. 

As consumer demand changes, so do our opportunities to provide something new. Our question is, what’s next?


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