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snarkitecture - shaping retail experiences

There are many strategies that brick and mortar stores employ to get people through the door. Some go further and design the space to offer a unique retail experience, and perhaps no one does it better than Snarkitecture. The New York based design and architecture firm bring an incredible and almost museum-like experience to the spaces they take over. They don’t just get people in the door, they have people taking photographs, exploring and ultimately, buying. Their work starts conversations.

“These spaces are about experience, not just buying something”, Skarkitecture’s Daniel Arsham said when asked about the firm’s collaboration with Kith.

Ultimately, there are things about physical retail experience that you simply cannot achieve online; the experiential marketing and events business knows this well. Snakitecture’s work shows how installations that have direct spatial and visual contact with people are an effective way to connect with audiences on a deeper and more meaningful level, shaping their perceptions of a brand.

Store tags like #kithnyc currently currently has over 95,000 posts, many of which are people documenting and sharing their store experience.

Check out some of their awesome retail work.