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There are a few things to consider before activating your brand at Mardi Gras. Although it’s all well and good to be supporting such an important cause, if your actions aren’t true to your brand and what you stand for, you’re putting your integrity on the line. 

With that said, if this community is genuinely where your brand finds purpose and meaning, this is the perfect way for you to put some skin in the game… and all in the name of love. Mardi Gras ignites all of Sydney as a protest and celebration for equality and expression. The city provides endless opportunities for your brand to contribute. Here are a few ways you can do so. 


Stall Activation 

Fair Day is an inclusive event suited for the whole family. For one day, Victoria Park comes to life with an eccentric marketplace featuring live music, food, and retail, sports, and community stalls. 

The Fair Day is a great way to promote your brand, what it stands for and offers to an audience that is looking to be enlightened and engaged. This is the perfect opportunity for more community focused organisations to activate a stall space


Corporate Partners

SGLMG partners with sponsors to “curate brand activations and audience engagement that respond to the annual Mardi Gras theme”. Become a partner to celebrate Mardi Gras and show your support in a way that can make a big difference! Over one million dollars is contributed from corporate sponsors every year. 

The sponsorship opportunities with Mardis Gras are diverse and flexible and often take shape as a float or innovative brand experience, like those that have been delivered in previous years. 


Join In The Fun

You don’t need to host an activation for your brand to play a part. Making an impact can happen with something as simple as getting your team to go along to the parade to show support and celebrate the reason everyone has come together. 

These opportunities can also come to life within your company. For example, an internal Mardi Gras party to educate and empower your team in order to foster an inclusive, diverse culture. 


Support A Community Float

Be willing to give without expecting anything in return. Community floats are unable to advertise corporate sponsors but greatly benefit from any support given. In our recent Q&A with Sense producer, Samantha Coutu, we discussed ways businesses can support community floats.


Activate Social Media

Mardi Gras sees approximately 300,000 attend the parade. The opportunity to connect with your community on the ground in a positive, authentic way is incredibly valuable however the celebration can be amplified by activating your social media channels. 


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