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Art at Coachella 2018

We are pretty jealous that Taylor, one of the superstars on our production team, is on the ground at the festival. This year, its not just about Beyonce.  There are some pretty cool art installations around the festival created by international artists and design studios. The works not only inspire festival goers, but serve a functional purpose by providing shade, hangout spots and views of the crowds

Check these out


NEWSUBSTANCE is a UK based design studio and they've built a seven-level column made of 300 plexiglass windows and 6,000 LED lights that people can actually enter. The colours took inspiration from those of the sunrise and sunset. As people walk through and climbs the steps to the observation deck, the colours change. After the short journey, at the top, people can enjoy an incredible view of the festival.

Supernova by R&R Studios

Roberto Bear and Rosario Marquardt from Miami based R&R Studios have created a burst of light and colour. At night, it lights up but during the day it provides shade to festival goers. It exudes optimism and people can walk right up and touch it.

Etherea by Edoardo Tresoldi

Well known Italian artist, Edoardo Tresoldi makes awesome mesh sculptures. Etherea is a combination of three three baroque inspired buildings made of wire. At night its lit from within, looking almost dreamlike. during the day, it is a shade and cooling spot. 

Palm-3 world station by Simon Vega

Vega's work is conceptually driven by history, popular culture and politics. He is known for creating works that symbiotically represent first and third worlds. This work is about the 'space race'.