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Consumer demand for authenticity, transparency and purpose is increasing. Already, brands have begun to embrace the new decade with innovative experiences, communicating what they’re all about. Here are a few brands we expect to do great things over the next year. Read on and be inspired. 



Mulberry is a brand that understands and enforces the importance of corporate social responsibility. Recently the London fashion brand unveiled its first 100 percent sustainable leather bag, the Portobello Tote, as part of its ongoing sustainability efforts. The product is created at Mulberry’s carbon-neutral factories in Somerset, a facility that benefits the economy and environment. 

Shortly after the product launch, Mulberry hosted Made to Last, Mayfair at London Fashion Week 2020. The three day affair saw a series of events that educated and engaged attendees with its commitment to sustainability. One event showcasing the complete manufacturing process of the Portobello Tote. 



Although they’ve been kicking around since the late 1800s, it wasn’t until the 80s when Absolut really attained global success. Since collaborating with the iconic Andy Warhol, everything they have produced to market themselves since has been undeniably innovative and distinguishable.

The Swedish vodka brand believes in and breathes their ethos of “one source and one community”, putting a large focus on their passion for the environment. They activate this brand messaging using brand experiences and events. This has included a sustainable fashion show to promote their recycled vodka bottles, Absolut Nights, a virtual reality game in collaboration with Deadmau5, and so much more

Across the board, Absolut are actualising their values in unique and interesting ways. The stand out factor in the way they implement this is through the use of materials and technology. Where will this foresight lead them next? 



Converse embrace creativity and culture with their Creative All Star Series, an ongoing series that brings together their global collective of creatives and shines light on local talent. At their recent event in London, there were creative and customisation workshops, and exclusive fashion previews for London Fashion Week. Tyler, The Creator even made an appearance for a conversation on his creative journey.

The Converse experience doesn’t end there. In late 2019, Converse Australia launched a personalisation experience at their Melbourne flagship store. The shop takes guests through a 1:1 digital experience where they use a bespoke digital app to customise the design of their shoe with patches. With Converse’s long standing relationship with creativity and culture, the first collection of patches included designs that represent youth culture across fashion, sport, and music. 



Tesla has been previously mentioned on the Sense blog. Despite an embarrassing unveiling of the Tesla pickup truck in November, Tesla has continued to see 150k orders of the incomplete design and watched their stocks skyrocket in the past month. 

The car manufacturer has managed to build this success with minimal digital marketing efforts and heavy focus on their retail and brand experience strategy. Interest and demand for electric vehicles is only expected to rise so with eyes on this developing tech we can expect to see more unprecedented products and experiences from this game-changing brand. 



Adobe are leaders in tech. While they are software providers and live in the digital world, they depend on the power of brand experiences to connect with and grow their audiences. This year will see the upgrade of the Adobe Symposium to Summit, one of three in the world. 

Mark Bennedick, Sense co-founder and director recently interviewed Clare Cahill, Head of Experience Marketing APAC, Adobe for a forthcoming episode of ‘Behind the Experience’ (being released March 27). In this episode we uncover the way Adobe has been able to use experience to grow their international audience and integrate innovative technology to enhance their events and activations. You can hear this episode when it goes live by subscribing to our newsletter here