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There’s been a lot of negativity in the media lately. We want to bring the positivity and throw it back to those that are doing good in the world right now! Check out these 5 brands that really do give a damn about the world right now! 



Airbnb has become a global brand since their launch in 2008. The company has established itself in over 191 countries with approximately 150 million users. During times of disaster, Airbnb activates its international networks and resources to assist in disaster relief. 

Open Homes is an initiative by Airbnb where hosts can list their homes to be open to those in times of hardship. Airbnb applies the concept to disaster relief, medical stays, and refugees. During times like the recent Australian bushfires, the company puts a call out to hosts and invites them to list their homes in support of the cause. 



FEAT. is “a world-first initiative for artists to take ownership over accelerating our clean energy future at a critical time in human history.” Founded by Heidi Lenffer, who was recently awarded ‘You Done Good Award’ at Triple J’s J Awards, Feat. has managed to gain the support of artists like Peking Duck, Jack River and Vance Joy among many others.

The operations of Feat. work so musicians, industry people, and those wanting to make a contribution can back and fund solar farms that offset the carbon emissions of the touring industries. Feat is artist-led, science-backed, and results-oriented. We’re excited to see what the future holds for Heidi and her team.  



Adidas is currently beta testing their new product release; Futurecraft. Futurecraft has been made to design out waste and is the company’s first 100% recyclable shoe. The idea is that each generation of shoe is worn, cleaned, ground, and recycled into the next gen of Futurecraft shoes. 

The second generation of Futurecraft is due to go live in 2021. We’d just hope that by such an influential fashion company joining the closed loop community that it will inspire other powerful brands to do so. 


Amber Drop Honey

Starting as a hobby, Amber Drop Honey has grown into a bee rescue and bee-keeping organisation. Amber Drop Honey receive requests from places like schools, businesses and private residencies to come rescue colonies from inconvenient locations and relocate them to their property where they keep bees and make products to fund the initiative. 

Currently, Amber Drop Honey have over 200 hives and growing, as well as grown their business from just a casual market stall up to 10 markets a month and 27 regular stockists. 



Officeworks host multiple initiatives that work to better the planet including Restoring Australia, where the company plants two trees for every one used. When it comes to wastage, the Australian office supply brand “look holistically at the lifecycle of [their] products and are constantly looking to reduce [their] products environmental footprint”. 

Officeworks are participants in WWF’s Global Forest and Trade Network. They’re continuously encouraging their customers to be involved in their environmental initiatives across different product ranges.