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How to launch YouTube Music with a bang, and differentiate it from its strong competitors? Highlight the size of the catalogue, the role of video and YouTube’s access to unreleased music.

01 The business challenge

The music streaming market is huge. So when YouTube approached us about launching its new premium music platform, we knew this was a big opportunity.

The challenge? Launch YouTube Music with an impact, and differentiate it from its strong competitors. We needed to highlight the size of the catalogue, the role of video and YouTube’s access to unreleased music.

Above all, we needed to drive industry interest in the platform and drive trials.

02 The creative solution

There’s more to YouTube Music than albums and singles, so we created an experience based on endless discovery.

We designed a space comprised of four rooms, each representing a unique feature of the platform. In each room there was something to discover, explore and capture at every moment. Everything was shareable and immersive, and designed for mobile engagement at every touchpoint.

In room one, guests were invited to curate a playlist using machine learning. In room two, we invited them to discover a world of music through virtual and augmented reality. Room three is where we unveiled the platform, and staff helped guests interact with it for the first time.

03 The results

The launch of YouTube Music received more than 200 features across print, online, radio and broadcast in both Australia and New Zealand. This delivered an enormous reach of more than 100 million, in addition to the 1.6 million people we reached on social media.

We successfully positioned YouTube Music as a challenger to other music subscription services, and landed the narrative around its unique selling points. Upon the launch, the press declared that a serious alternative to Spotify had finally arrived.

“Thank you so much for the months of planning, meeting and prepping. Last night’s launch event was absolutely magical. The creative and the attention to detail in delivering that creative was amazing.

The space looked gorgeous, the food & service was fantastic, the artists were so well looked after and the staging and tech was flawless. I think everyone, talent included, had a fabulous night last thank you!”

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Image credit: Sam Venn