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vr ghost train

a virtual reality art experience

as part of the sydney festival, jonnine standish and jasmin tarasin created the ghost train; a virtual reality ride that combines film and music to offer a truly unique, multisensory experience. 

"on this ghost train, you take a trip through the rooms of your mind on a journey full of beauty, tension, humour and, of course, fun," says standish.

using samsung vr headsets, the carriage ride takes people on an adventure where they 'choose their own fate', prompting riders to question their existence and effectively, shape the narrative. in this way, vr allows people to have an authentic sense of inclusion. ghost train is an original concept that is the first of its kind to be developed in australia that utilises vr technology to enhance storytelling. 

ghost train is a fantastic example of how artists are using vr and new technology to innovatively convey their message and for $10, you can experience it for yourself!

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