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vr and how brands are using it to tell their stories

vr revolution

vr is more than just a tech trend. its quickly becoming a mainstream tool that offers exciting opportunities for the events industry. we now have the capability to transport and immerse audiences into spaces that are beyond the physical venue and in doing so, we can tell more targeted brand stories

creating virtual worlds provides an almost tangible and interactive experience, allowing us to engage our guests in captivating and creative ways. many of the people who experience vr at our events are actually first timers - so its still new and exciting. the applications are endless and its pretty exciting 

here are a few examples of how brands have cleverly used vr to enhance the audience experience

Nba Vrvideo Featured

the nba uses vr to create a 3-d virtual-reality experience

oculus teamed up with the nba and have created a 25 minute, 3-d virtual-reality experience that immerses users in the dramatic game of the 2016 finals between cleveland cavaliers and the golden state warriors. this give fans an incredible and unprecedented close up view to watch and enjoy

test drive the new volvo from your smartphone

the volvo xc90 experience is the world’s first virtual reality test drive on a smart phone with the volvo reality app and a google cardboard headset. its safe, accessible and can also be viewed without the google cardboard headset if you don't have one. you get to not only test drive the car, but you get to go behind the scenes and are told the story of volvo innovation right from the comfort of your home. 

Hero 1Road
Lago Thumb

mountain dew's vr snowboarding campaign

who doesn't want to be a professional snowboarder!? the dew vr show allows the viewer to ride along as elite snowboarders in the untouched utah backcountry. its simple, deleting the fancy features and flashy add-ons that can sometimes be distracting. ride as danny davis, scotty lago, and jack mitrani - see them jump and hear them yell. its not only beautiful, its very cool

united airlines showcase the new polaris business class and lounge

united airlines partnered with thinking box to create a vr activation that gives viewers a 360-degree, 3-d virtual tour of the new planes and terminal gate lounges. the experience is about 5 minutes long and is narrated by matt damon. its a great promotional strategy that guides people through the impressive, new facilities

United Airlines Vr Matt Damon3
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