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a festival of ideas, art and action

we are excited about this one!

the opera house is replacing the 'festival of dangerous ideas' with a new festival called 'antidote'. it will explore both ideas and art but more importantly, how we can turn them into action and positive change. it will celebrate artists, thinkers and doers who have spearheaded change with performances, speeches and workshops

danielle harvey, curator of the show said “in a world rife with anger and anxiety, antidote is all about hope – a platform for extraordinary people to share their stories, for activists to tell us what they have learned and for artists to make us think. as the free centrepiece of the festival, cherophobia invites our audiences to ponder the artist’s intention and see ‘performance’ in a completely new way; to marvel at the collective power of 20,000 balloons"

international highlights include bestselling author and transgender rights activist janet mock, national co-chair of women’s march on washington- tamika d mallory, author of why i’m no longer talking to white people about race - reni eddo-lodge, and the star satirists behind the onion. 

its also been revealed that there will be a free durational performance by lakmaier's cherophobia. in the concert hall, lakmaier’s bound and immobilised body will be lifted by 20,000 multi-coloured balloons over nine hours. a live performance installation exploring notions of control, desire and restraint, cherophobia unites the audience with a shared sense of suspense and anticipation

Cherophobia Noemi Lakmaier Antidote 2017 Image Credit Grace Gelder 02
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