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story | nyc

in an age of innovative technology, a developed understanding of human experience and sophisticated marketing, the retail space is undergoing momentous change. take story. a 2000 square foot space in manhattan that is more like a gallery than your typical retail space. previously described as a “serial pop-up store,” story changes its theme every 4-8 weeks, providing customers, or rather audiences, with letters from the editors of each one.

rachel schetman, who founded the company in 2011, has used her previous experiences in marketing consulting in conjunction with emerging insight in experiential marketing to demonstrate how being in a store is akin to listening to a story, or in other words, how curators of stores are storytellers.

schetman’s groundbreaking interpretation of the power of narratives in the retail space clearly shows the potential of developing trends in marketing that emphasise the experience of the consumer and the importance of personalisation.

some cool past themes have been ‘distrupt’, ‘f-word’, ‘style tech’ and ‘art’. right now the theme is ‘love’, but by the time you're reading this, who knows what the theme may be

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