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drone film festival

drone film festival

you heard it right, there is a film festival for drones!

the australia and new zealand drone festival is on september through to october showing 36 short films. producers range from your average drone amatuer user to film makers and produciton companies, telling stories and showcasing documentaries using impressive drone technology.

so why are we interested?

drones are quickly becoming a useful tool for events. we now have the capabilities to video an event and transmit the footage real time to a screen up to 1km away and capture wide shots for your website and socials, taking event photo packages to a new level! there are however, other cool and innovative applications too. drones offer the first-person perspective which allows people who are remote, to access and experiences the event online as if were there. in the not too distant future we could be using them as in flight vehicles to deliver personalised parcels - now thats a vip experience!

07 Dronestagram Adapt 945 1
07 Dronestagram Adapt 945 1 07 Dronestagram Adapt 945 1
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