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cgi animation

computer generated imaging / the captivating art trend

youve seen it popping up on your socials. those 3d animated videos of jelly-like body parts bouncing on a cheesy pizza in cyberspace, gelatinous blobs morphing into colourful heads and glitter bombs bursting into confetti and toasters

its a new art trend using old cgi technology

cgi can be used to wow audiences, allowing brand stories to be told in impressive and exciting new ways. we have even started to use it in photobooth production and virtual reality simulations to give unique overlay effects… so we thought we would tell you a little bit about it

the process is called computer generated imagery. although this technology seems new, it has actually existed since the 60s. it brings objects and places to life, integrating generated images with real objects and locations to make a fantasy world seem surprisingly and comfortingly real. toy story is a great but dated example of cgi, it has developed over time and is now a limitless trending art form. when one sees these works, they cannot stop watching (and perhaps cringing). the ability of cgi to catch and hold attention is what makes it so opportunistic for marketing and events

one thing is for sure with cgi: the sky is the limit and anything goes

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