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$20 for a boiled egg, one piece of toast and a mug of tea?

The story of a modern London cafe…

Here’s a little cafe, with no flash signs or features, that serves just as its only sign implies...eggs & bread. But often it is in the simplest of ideas, the smallest details, that make for the greatest experiences...

The A-frame out the front has the incredibly small menu. It only does boiled eggs (no fried, no poached, no scrambled and don’t even think about an omelette), toast, jam, porridge. Mix those in any way you like. It also does tea or coffee. No takeaway, you have to sit down to eat.


So you know you are getting boiled eggs and wouldn’t you know it, it’s self-service: a complete boiled egg station with egg holders so you can lower your egg into the hot water.


And if you are an egg perfectionist and you want the perfect amount of consistency for your soldiers, they provide timers.

Grab your bread, stick it in the toaster, collect a tea or coffee and then you’re ready to eat.


Once you’re finished, take your dirty plates and cutlery, scrape the leftovers into the bin and stick it in the dishwasher. Pay $20, thank the attendants and make on with your day.


You may be thinking “I already get ripped off with my local $20 breakfast, let alone to only get eggs & soldiers” but, this smart little initiative from @eggsbread1 where you aren’t actually asked to pay $20 for your meal, but pay what you want, or nothing at all and no one will ever know. A cafe totally set up around the ‘pay it forward’ act and giving people who don’t have the opportunity to have a good start to their day.


The concept is commentary on our society’s widening inequality gap and homelessness issues, but it is also offering a new environment for people to feel like they have a community, a place to socialise and eat. Status or background, everyone is equal and everyone is welcome.


Even the act alone of cooking your own food may teach people the value in eating a good meal and the energy required to get you through the day, is significant.


The space is simple but every element thought through. It is just enough to serve an incredible purpose. What a great example of less definitely being more.



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