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Tom Ford Beauty Store | London

This is the company's first standalone beauty store and damn, it's a beauty.

In London’s famous Covent Garden, the 1400 sq ft space is on two floors and has dedicated rooms for different product categories. What is most impressive however, is their use of technology to create a unique and impactful customer experience. They have built a digital scenting table for sampling, an augmented reality room for people to virtually try on lipstick colours, installed digital makeup mirrors that can record tutorials and put led screens in the windows and throughout the space for a strong visual impact.

White marble floors, mirror and chrome surfaces bounce the LED lights off the layered glass sculptures and around the room to accentuate the futuristic feel of the store. With new technology continuously being integrated into everyday life, customers have come to expect more from their store visits and Tom Ford is directly responding to those expectations. We think this space sets the benchmark.