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The way we look at it is simple, we are in the business of bringing people together. Our passion is creating moments and experiences that enrich lives.

Fortunately for everyone right now, we live in a digitally connected world. When Sense started out in 2007 we designed experiences only in the form of a live event. Thanks to new technologies and social media, we’ve been able to evolve, creating experiences that connect both the physical and digital worlds, utilising these tools to tell a more compelling story. It’s allowed us to amplify our client’s messages and enable experiences to live on in the hearts and minds of audiences.

Incredibly, to all of our shock COVID-19 has changed that again for now and the foreseeable future. We are left to communicate and tell stories in the digital world alone. Our industry as we know it has been disrupted and seemingly put on hold. Bringing people together in the physical world is suddenly not an option. 

Yet, we yearn for human connection. It is undeniable and innate. We have the potential to thrive if we make a quick adjustment, help our community and collaborate with each other. So how do we navigate the disruption and are there viable solutions we can use to remedy the current loss? 

We believe the solution lies in maintaining connection. We have to think differently about engaging people and enriching lives…the health and safety of the world comes first and this means we must adapt. We’ll continue to bring people together but instead we’ll be using alternative methods. 

Digital experiences go beyond live streams. Sense will continue to focus our efforts in collaboration with our clients to engage audiences through:

  • Digital Storytelling 
  • Virtual Reality experiences
  • Streaming and Broadcasting 
  • Employee training and engagement 
  • Optimisation of the ‘work from home’ experience
  • Consultation and online workshops
  • Gamification 

We’re not going anywhere. We’re working hard on bringing connection and community into this new reality, but in new ways.  

We’d like to say a huge thank you to our incredible team that work so hard everyday to bring these visions to life, our clients for having us on their journey in making an impact on the world and our valued suppliers for collaborating on each and every project. 

Finally, from everyone at Sense, we wish you all the best in these difficult times, particularly our industry as a whole who are all suffering right now. We look forward to seeing everyone back in business and bringing everyone together again in the near future.

Stay connected!

Anthony and Mark